“UAV” application field has broad prospects

From September 15 to 18, 2011, the first China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo approved by the State Council was held in Tianjin Binhai New Area. On that day, the Chinese drone independent aircraft group quietly became the highlight of the exhibition.

At present, the production of drones is mainly led by the United States, Israel and Russia. China’s drone industry started late and is still in a catch-up situation. China’s leading MMC Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd.’s drone products have become the pride of the times, and its products have been successfully applied in many fields such as national defense construction, aerial surveying and mapping, power surveying, and disaster detection.

The composite materials and innovative modular structure manufactured by MMC UAV have filled many domestic blanks, realized many high-tech breakthroughs, and achieved the first batch production of domestic drones. Uav (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is the English translation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Including fixed-wing drones, rotary-wing drones and unmanned airships, collectively referred to as drones. UAV’s aerodynamic body, imaging sensor system and data processing software and transmission system are the “four major pieces” of the UAV low-altitude working system.

The state’s construction of railways, highways, geological exploration, forest fire prevention, agricultural smuggling, grassland pest investigation and treatment, earthquakes, avalanches, mudslides, floods and other emergency investigations, statistical estimates are the opportunities and battlefields of UAV. UAV is also an effective means for the government to implement investigation and rescue, rescue plans, disaster relief programs, and the first time to reach the disaster site.

For example, to build a railway of hundreds of kilometers, the engineering plan urgently needs 1 meter resolution drawings. Compared with the satellite remote sensing image with a resolution of up to 0.3 m, the UAV’s low-altitude aerial survey can be accurate to 5 cm and can generate 3D landscape data. If you rent a satellite with a resolution of 1 meter, the orbital imaging width is only 11 kilometers per day. Even if it is guaranteed to be sunny every day, it will take one and a half months. Obviously, the speed is too slow and the construction period is delayed. Although the maneuvering large aircraft aerial survey has good flexibility, it will be subject to high price, strict air traffic control, state secrets and weather conditions, and approval of layers for approval. It is difficult to meet the strict requirements of construction period, construction time and construction tasks. How to do? Only use UAVs that are convenient, fast, accurate, and cost-effective.

The UAV can be photographed in a cloudy cloud, flying low, and can fly 50 meters from the ground for clear images. The UAV flies slow and has a speed of tens of kilometers per hour, which is flexible enough to cope with complex terrain conditions. And the manufacturing cost is low, there is no need for special airports and pilots, and it can be used for flexible take-off and landing.

In the field of drones, process and design are not all manifestations of strength. The real core technology is also flight control software. The craftsmanship is exquisite and the processing is meticulous. For example, the company’s wingspan is a two-meter fixed-wing UAV. The quality of the wings on both sides is only 5 grams, which ensures the stability and balance of the drone in flight. At the same time, MMC UAV’s unique modular design enables quick disassembly and installation of components such as wings and tails on both sides, facilitating part replacement.



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