5G network connected drones take you to the top of the world

Experience the aerial landscape in the 5G exhibition hall of the World Expo.

All the way to the magnificent “Zhonghua Garden” in the park, the “International Pavilion” of Chi Meijuan, the beauty of the plant, the beauty of the garden, after you took a photo, did you imagine how beautiful the world is? ? China Mobile and the World Park together, set up a “5G network UAV” in the park, take you to the top of the world park, overlooking the beautiful Sichuan.

When it comes to drones, everyone must be very familiar. In recent years, drones can be said to be explosive developments. Previously it was only used for military purposes, but now it is not strange in our daily lives. To achieve aerial viewing, ordinary drones must be copied, transmitted, and edited after flight shooting. The high cost, cumbersome process, and low-definition experience are always irritating, but through China Mobile 5G Network. The 4K high-definition camera and panoramic camera equipped with man-machines can transmit ultra-high-definition video in real time, allowing people to immerse themselves from the panoramic view of the world through the 5G network and VR.

The transmission capacity brought by 5G network and the computing and distribution capability of edge computing technology have greatly expanded the application of drones. The 5G network UAV can cooperate with the garden to carry out major cultural performances and landscape HD in the park. The panoramic broadcast will not only be able to experience exciting scenes without delay, anytime, anywhere, but also allow more visitors who cannot come to the park to enjoy the scenery of the park.

The 5G-based networked drones are not the first to perform in China. On September 25, 2018, in the Chaozhou Scenic Area, the old salt warehouse in Haining, Zhejiang Province, a drone had been circling over the river. During the live broadcast of CCTV, when Qianjiang turned back to the tide and provoked the key moment of “Chongtianlang”, CCTV broadcasted two screens simultaneously on the TV screen, all the way is a panoramic view of CCTV reporters on the helicopter. All the way is a high-definition close-up picture returned by the drone through the 5G network. It can be seen that the two-way picture constitutes the perfect combination of near-distance, the distance is 100 meters high, the momentum is magnificent, the weather is tens of thousands, the close-up is close to the tide, the waves are splashing, the waves are splashing, and the high-definition picture makes people feel as huge. Water vapor is coming.

The problem of the Caton in the live webcast is a problem that often plagues people. Sometimes, when you watch too many people, the network signal will be delayed, especially when watching world-class performances and sports events. China Mobile uses 360-degree panoramic video and real-time 5G network transmission of drones. After video decoding, people can experience the aerial landscape in real time in the 5G exhibition hall of the World Expo.


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