What are the main application areas of industrial drones?

What are the main application areas of industrial drones? What are the main applications of drones in industrial grades? What are the industrial drone applications including? Some people have such doubts. At present, industrial drones are an efficient and convenient auxiliary means to replace the original tools to serve the unmanned aircraft in the daily work of all walks of life, with their unique advantages in personal The demand in the commercial and commercial markets is constantly increasing, and it will play an important role in more fields in the future. So what are the main application areas of industrial drones? Let me share with you:

I. Agricultural Plant Protection

Plant protection drones have huge market prospects and are also the first profitable area for the civilian drone market. During the two sessions this year, the Central Ministry of Agriculture instructed: According to statistics, in 2016, the area of ​​plant protection drones nationwide exceeded 28 million mu, and the number of plant protection drones nationwide exceeded 6,000.


Communication relay

Build high-altitude wireless Internet. Currently, less than 50% of the world has internet access and 60% of the population does not have access to the Internet. Of these, 1.6 billion people live in remote areas that cannot be covered by mobile networks. Drones will be very promising in the field of communications.

Third, security inspection

With the rapid development of China’s mobile communications industry, the coverage of communication base stations has become wider and wider across the country, and high-density construction and inspections have been increasing. Especially, most of these new jobs are in remote areas with relatively poor operating conditions, such as Harsh environment or sparsely populated mountain villages and borders Gobi. By choosing a suitable UAV platform, the problems of high labor cost, high operation intensity, high operation risk, incomplete and accurate detection data, etc. are greatly alleviated, so as to achieve optimization and improvement of operation efficiency and benefits.

Fourth, the base station function expansion

That is, through the 5G prototype network based on local exchange of base stations and network switching between multiple sites, real-time control tests are performed on the drone, and the function of sharing the network site between the drone and ordinary commercial mobile phone users is realized.

V. Information Services

As a data acquisition platform with higher efficiency and stronger adaptability to various environments, drones will be important air data ports for smart cities in the future. They can make full use of communication and information technology methods such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, optical networks, and mobile Internet. By sensing, transmitting, integrating and analyzing key information of the core system of urban operation, it intelligently responds to various needs of activities such as public services and social management.

6. Personal aerial photography and entertainment

The rise of consumer drones has allowed consumers to buy drones on the fly, turning aerial photography from the unique skills of a few professional players into an activity that everyone can try and enjoy.

Seven, logistics and transportation

Due to the vast area of ​​China and the influence of transportation, logistics and transportation still cannot meet the needs of everyone, while drones are less affected by factors such as terrain and transportation, and are convenient and intelligent. Therefore, the future will also be promising as logistics transportation.

What are the main application areas of industrial drones and what are the industrial drone industry applications? Of course, there are many main application areas of industrial drones, such as power inspection, emergency rescue, aerial photography. , Water conservancy application, pesticide spraying, aerial surveying and mapping, land and resources, tourism, pipeline inspection, medical industry, maritime supervision, agriculture and forestry, logistics and transportation, traffic control, meteorological monitoring, anti-terrorism and anti-riot. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of industrial drones, it is believed that the application will become more and more widespread.


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